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Your complete valve service & Supply Partner.

With extensive technical experience in control valves, and as a trusted supplier of the water and wastewater industry’s leading brands, Mearl’s has become a sought-after provider of valve products and services.

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Valve Products

We bring unique insight to assessing and optimizing your system.

By specializing in both valve product supply and repairs, we bring unique insight to assessing and optimizing your system. Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, Mearl’s water industry technicians deliver advanced solutions and support.

Valve Products

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Mearl's Valve Services

From Troubleshooting to Refurbishment & Repair

If we sell it, we also service it and stand behind it. In our Kelowna shop or in the field across BC, count on us for timely, expert valve services—24 hours a day and at every stage.

Valve Services

We’re proud to be the Cla-Val factory authorized service provider for BC since 2009.

We love a good challenge

In the shop or in the field, Mearl's delivers results on any sized project.

Our expansive machining shop is conveniently located in Kelowna, where we serve a range of industries across BC.

The knowledgeable staff at Mearl’s Machine Works brings a wide range of expertise and qualifications, which enables us to deliver high quality results on any project.

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