Water Industry Confined Space Solutions

Enclosure Packages, Piping Modifications & Equipment Servicing.

We’ve specialized in protecting and maintaining pump, piping and control valve systems for decades. It’s one of the reasons we’ve become a trusted partner for pump repairs and field services across BC. It was also this experience that made us wonder if we could design a solution that would eliminate so many of the challenges of working below ground.

Mearl's confined space enclosure for more efficient serving for pump and valve systems

Enclosure Packages


Working in confined spaces requires a specifically trained multi-person crew, special safety gear as well as additional paperwork and compliance regulations to meet WorkSafe BC standards, even for the simplest jobs.

To help customers maintain their systems in a way that’s more efficient and cost-effective, Mearl’s has developed an equipment enclosure that allows you to bring your systems—and their servicing—above ground.

Equipment Enclosures

Fully above ground servicing and repair enclosure for pump and valve systems

Completely customizable and constructed with heavy fabricated aluminum as well as 3” spray foam insulation, equipment enclosures provide the height of durability and convenience as you protect and maintain your systems.

With equipment enclosures, you see greater:

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Piping Modification Packages

Extend the life & performance of your pump or valve system.

If modifications to your underground system would improve flow and value, we can put our design, fabrication and installation capabilities along with our confined spaces equipment training and capabilities to work for you.

With more than 20 years of experience delivering custom pipe component and system solutions, Mearl’s offers valuable insight and expertise to help you get the most out of your valve system. Our in-house industrial parts, machining and millwright services also allow us to modify your package with greater efficiency and results, all while complying with confined space regulations as we install upgrades on site.

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Confined space equipment servicing


For over 20 years, we have been a trusted partner for municipal and industrial customers, providing pipe, pump and valve service in confined spaces throughout Kelowna, the Okanagan and BC.

Our field service pump trucks are equipped with our own confined entry equipment so we’re prepared to enter vaults and other areas deemed confined spaces by WorkSafe BC. We also have team members trained in low hazard confined space equipment servicing.

As confined space equipment servicing specialists, we have the training, equipment and experience to safely troubleshoot your service needs and comply with WorkSafe BC regulations.

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