BC Hydro and Mearl’s Machine Works help Breathe Medical Manufacturing scale operations and energy efficiencies.

Mearl's helps Breathe Medical Manufacturing scale up efficiently

Earlier this year in Kelowna, Breathe Medical Manufacturing set up operations to produce high quality surgical masks, with the possibility of also producing heavy-duty N95 masks in the future. Once fully operational, Breathe’s projected monthly production will be around 80 million surgical masks and 40 million N95 masks.

With such high volume production, Breathe worked with Mearl’s Machine Works and BC Hydro to ensure their operations would be as efficient as possible while maintaining exceptional quality.

“Mearl’s and BC Hydro made sure we’re ahead of the curve. It was nice to have people that knew the ropes because that saved us from having to study up and know all this information. We don’t want stuff to fail and they recommended certain types of pipe and compressors.”
– Warren Jones, President of Breathe

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