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Keep your equipment running longer & more efficiently.

When you have a damaged part that’s hard to find new, we can help you keep your equipment in production.

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Job Shop Machining and repair keeps your equipment running longer from Mearl's

We stand behind our machinists

Experts in building and repairing parts.

Thanks to our wide range of manual machines and our expertise in building and repairing parts, our highly skilled machinists can fix or recreate a part that will measure up and keep your equipment moving.

If your part turns out to have more complex dimensions or you need a full production run, we have an expansive machine shop filled with the most advanced CNC machines to suit unique applications and specs.

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Lathes, turning centres and milling centres.


Highly accurate, high quality parts for both simple and complex geometries using our range of advanced turning and milling centres.

Manual Machines

  • Correa F2UE Universal Mill with DRO
  • Correa FU10 Universal Mill
  • Mazak Mate Lathes
  • Mazak 21 x 40 with DRO
  • Mazak 21 x 80
  • Mazak 21 x 120
  • Mazak REX 34 x 160
  • Foradia GR 50-1200 Radial Arm Drill
  • Jet Drill Press

We love a good challenge

In the shop or in the field, Mearl's delivers results on any sized project.

Our expansive machining shop is conveniently located in Kelowna, where we serve a range of industries across BC.

The knowledgeable staff at Mearl’s Machine Works brings a wide range of expertise and qualifications, which enables us to deliver high quality results on any project.

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