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When you’re ready for full production, our range of lathes, turning centres and milling centres —and 40+ years of expertise— gives us the equipment and processes to handle your project with the greatest accuracy, quality and efficiency.

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CNC Production Machining from Mearl's Machine Works in Kelowna, BC

We stand behind our products

Why industry professionals choose Mearl’s for CNC Machining in BC.


Only journeymen and apprentice machinists run our CNC machining equipment so your components are always under trained eyes. A hands-on management team and the strictest standards of quality ensure that if it leaves our machine shop, we stand behind it.


Benefit from better turnarounds and value thanks to our expansive range of advanced equipment best suited for your specific requirements.

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Lathes, turning centres and milling centres.

Highly accurate, high quality parts for both simple and complex geometries using our range of advanced turning and milling centres.


  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Universal / Multi-axis

CNC Machines

  • Mazak VTC 250/D50-Rotary 4th Axis
  • Mazak VCN 510C-II
  • Mazak QTN 350M Live Tooling
  • VDF 560ti 1000
  • VDF 560ti 2000
  • Mazak QTU350 MSY

Do you have a BIG machining dilemma? We have a BIG solution…meet Norma – coming January 2020

The newest addition to our fleet of CNC machines is a Positional 5-Axis Traveling Column Milling Center, ready to take on your biggest and most challenging projects. The Norma L is capable of functioning as both a vertical and horizontal milling center, and thanks to it’s patented UAD head which utilizes a double Hirth coupling it’s able to perform tasks at virtually any angle with impressive rigidity.

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We love a good challenge

In the shop or in the field, Mearl's delivers results on any sized project.

Our expansive machining shop is conveniently located in Kelowna, where we serve a range of industries across BC.

The knowledgeable staff at Mearl’s Machine Works brings a wide range of expertise and qualifications, which enables us to deliver high quality results on any project.

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