Industrial Services

On-Site and Remote servicing of your parts and systems.

As your partner in industry we are committed to protecting and maintaining your equipment and systems. It’s one of the reasons we’ve become a trusted partner for field services across BC. Our specialized truck and highly skilled technicians ensure your machines and operations run efficiently.

Okanagan Industrial Services and Repairs - Mobile Service trucks

Field Alignments


Reduce the risk of equipment damage and solve misalignments with our laser alignment equipment.

When you have equipment installed in structures that require precise alignment in the coupling area between the driver and the driven equipment (ie pump and motor), a laser alignment quickly and accurately detects and corrects misalignment, including soft foot issues.

We regularly perform field alignments on pump systems and other equipment in structures for municipal, industrial and commercial customers throughout the Okanagan and southern BC.

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Portable Machining

Superior Portable Line Boring Services.

Mobile and Remote Water and Waste Treatment service provider

When you have machinery or equipment out in the field that requires line boring, we have the specialized portable machining equipment and experience to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Our specialized portable machining service truck is equipped with:

By bringing our specialized truck and highly skilled technicians to your site, and taking advantage of our own crane, we’re able to do the line boring work right where the equipment or machine is, in less time and with strict attention to detail.

Investing in the latest auto bore welder equipment also promotes safety as it takes most of the strenuous work off our team members.

Our convenient Kelowna location and our commitment to quality work brings our portable machining services to construction, logging, heavy equipment and water district sites across the valley and southern BC.

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Vibration Analysis

Better Pinpointing, Better Planning.

Our Vibration Reading and Analysis Services pinpoint equipment issues to help you plan for preventative repairs, create repair budget predictability and invest in repairs with confidence.

With baseline readings that indicate trend vibrations over time, you can focus your budget on equipment most in need of repairs and plan to have the repairs performed at lower cost opportunities.

Vibration Analysis Capabilities:

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