Pumps - Field & Shop Services

At Mearls we offer complete field and shop mechanical services for your pumping systems.

Some Key Service Facts:

Field Notes

  • Our present service experience ranges from ½ HP to 900 HP and up to 12” in Control Valves.
  • Installation services have included a variety of above ground installations to setting deep well pumps in excess of 200’.
  • We believe in Training and all but a few of our staff have completed Confined Space pre-entry, WHIMIS, Rigging, Work Safe, First Aid and similar programs.
  • We offer repair services during regular business hours, and can be reached through our contact numbers for 24 hour - Seven day a week emergency service.

Shop Notes:

  • Your equipment is repaired in our shop by certified journeyman machinists and millwrights who carry each repair from disassembly through machining to reassembly. This ensures consistency and quality.
  • We only use industry standard materials and procedures to ensure repaired units are as close to as new, factory type, condition as possible.
  • We ensure proper fits and assembly of every pump through a variety of checks not all repair shops may make.
  • Customers are always welcome to visit their equipment in our shop to see first hand what we see.
  • Specialized Custom Reports are available for those who prefer to keep records.
  • We can offer options and suggestions on correcting specific pump or valve problems.
  • Our repairs are covered by a one-year limited warranty, details available on request.

We focus on service; we know it’s the real difference!

Shop Repairs



  • Any and All makes of Vertical Turbine; Submersible and Lineshaft type
  • All makes of Horizontal Splitcase and Centrifugal Pumps
  • A3 - Sanitary Pump repairs
  • Electric Motors including Rewinding - performed by a select few supply partners
  • Sewage Pump Repairs


  • Portable line boring of Splitcase pump casings
  • Control Valve Servicing and rebuilding, PRV repairs
  • Annual Pump Servicing



Pump Removal

  • Removal for repairs

Pump Installation

  • Installing New Pumps, Reinstallation for Repairs,
  • Base plate Leveling and Grouting
  • Pump to Motor Alignments
  • Confined Space Equipment and Training

Seminars & Special Services

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Troubleshooting Pump & System Problems & Control Valves
  • Service Contracts
  • Pump and Valve Instructional Seminars
  • EOCP Accredited