Drill Rig - Introduction and Overview

Mearl’s Machine has been manufacturing components for drill rigs since the mid 1980’s. During that time we have developed in house many products that have become industry standards.
Some of which include:

  • Mearls Top Drives
  • Mearls Reverse Circulation Swivels
  • Mearls Reverse Circulation Drill Rods

We have also co developed an exceptional line of helicopter portable drill rigs, capable of not only reverse circulation drilling, and air rotary drilling but also mud rotary drilling for bulk sample collection.

In addition to this line of helicopter portable rigs, we have designed a variety of track mounted rigs, ranging in size from a quick attach accessory for a skid steer loader, a multi axis model mounted on an ASV Scout, to whatever your needs require.

Other various carriers we have designed around include CAT 307 and 312, Hitachi EX 120, as well as various sizes of Marooka, and Komatsu machines. We pride ourselves in designing around the customers preferences, to ensure that you will be happy with your machine for years to come.

We truly can offer a custom machine to suit any unique requirements you may have.