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As we continue to ever widen our range of products and services we sometimes come in contact with new and exciting potentials to add to our list. This was the case when we were asked to represent two manufacturers of industrial air compressors. We of course immediately researched the marketplace and soon discovered an opportunity truly did exist in the territory we had been offered. Through our research we found that most of the compressor repair and technical support was being handled by companies outside our area and that the customer was paying as much for travel time and related costs as they were for the actual service itself. We are located centrally in British Columbia and at the furthest are a few short hours from the boundaries of our appointed sales and service territory. We also work closely with our dealer network and share overlaps in territories that allow all of us to respond more quickly and affordably to our customers needs.

We are very pleased to be the sales and service outlet for Kaeser and Devair Industrial Compressors. Both of these product lines are very well known and have been providing industry with economically and dependably produced compressed air for many years. The Devair line of compressors are manufactured in Eastern Canada and are backed from coast to coast with dealers such as us to provide full service and parts supply for all the Devair product line.

Kaeser Compressor is a German manufacturer of the most energy efficient rotary screw compressor available to today’s market. These full feature compressor packages are found throughout the world and boast the highest CFM rating with the least energy consumption. (Data gathered by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (C.A.G.I). and is always available to you and our competition)

Both of the manufacturers that we represent also carry a full line of air dryers as well as the specific filtration accessories to suit your requirements. Combined with our ongoing technical training and engineering support from our suppliers we at Mearls are confident that we can be your trusted supplier for all your compressed air needs.

Choosing The Right Compressor For Your Needs

"At Mearls we can offer a specialized Air Demand Analysis service."

Being able to assist our customers in selecting the perfect package to match their compressed air requirements. We take full advantage of the training offered to us by the manufacturers of our products thus allowing you to feel confident that your new system will give many years of trouble free and economically produced compressed air. One of the tools we offer is called an Air Demand Analysis . How this is accomplished is by connecting your existing compressor to a sophisticated recording device and logging the systems operating characteristics for a period of 7 to 10 days then we remove the recorder and send it off to our colleagues who analyze the data and your requirements. These highly trained people then apply this information in a report along with the recommended upgrades that will best suit your requirements. The report is designed to show you the mechanical and economical facts that are unique to your application. This data when compiled along with the information made available through C.A.G.I. can if calculated properly actually tell you how much you are spending in energy cost and show you how much you can save by selecting the proper model of Kaeser Compressor. This information is always of interest to Company Officials when planning yearly budgets and cost projections.

Please contact us for more details on this unique service and how it can save you and your company money